Hi, My name is

I’m a Virtual Assistant turned digital marketer and a supermom living in the Island of The God – BALI. My passion is to help business owners and entrepreneurs to grow their business and take it to the new level. Coming from business management and graphic designs background, in addition to my love of connecting with other people, I believe I have what it takes to be your strongest team member to make YOU and YOUR BRAND shine! I can promise you two things, I’m a hard worker and will do anything to get the job done!

I'm all about connecting with people

Hands down, I'm 100% people person. Talk to me and you will know that I'm super friendly and would love to have a chat about you and your business

feeling lost on your own schedule?

Your business growing, you love every second of it, BUT at the same time you're buried in these "not-so-fun-tasks" that you have to do? Well, that's what I'm here for! I'm your right-hand woman ready to rock and roll!

keeping up with online business trends

I got you! Not to worry, this is one of the reason to hire a tech savvy like me! I'll make sure your business is equipped with the hottest apps and tools to make your jobs easier, more efficient and not to fall behind your competitor.

working through space & time-zone

I'm a dedicated and passionate woman who love what I'm doing, from anywhere I may be. Different time zone would not be a problem with me. I'm skilled in time-management and it would feel like I'm right beside you!

Here’s how we can work together

Interested in working together?